14 Jun 2020

How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank | 2020

Hii, Today I'm going to show you how to make money on instagram with zero investment.

So as you know Instagram is huge social media platform. There's a lot of people making money with Instagram and if you know exactly what to do? You can also make easily an extra fifty hundred dollars per day by using Affiliate Marketing.

How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank | 2020
Making Money On Instagram

What Is Affiliate Marketing & How To Affiliate Marketing On Instagram?

If you don't know what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote other people's products and they pay you a commission. 

You can do build a specific niche on Instagram pages that allow you to monetize your audience and your followers. You should know how to actually make money with affiliate marketing in many different ways. This is what I personally use to make it full time income online with affiliate marketing.

You can utilize the same exact techniques and strategies that I'm using to actually implement an affiliate marketing business and make a full time income online as well. How you actually make money promoting affiliate offers inside of Instagram? I'm going to telling you a quick example of how you can do that? 

So I'm using a Dogs of Instagram which is a very large Instagram page in the topics. This is a perfect example of how you can use this and how you can utilize this method to grow a very large Instagram page. And be able to make money by promoting from time to time different affiliate offers.

So the main thing about this method is that you need to select a niche which allows you to grow quite fast. I'm going to talk about how you can grow an Instagram page from scratch utilizing this same example. Hopefully you can use this without having to invest any money whatsoever without having to pay for shoutouts or do any type of paid tool.

If you get a 1% or half a percent conversion rate on any affiliate offer that you can promote. You can easily make a few thousand dollars per month doing this. Now that doesn't mean that you need million followers to make money with this method.

  • If you can build a large Instagram page to you know 5,000 10,000 50,000 followers then you can easily make $100 per day by finding the right affiliate offers. 

Select A Specific Niche

So in the case of dogs of Instagram if we go to an affiliate marketplace with ClickBank. You can typically find a lot of digital products that you can promote in that specific niche.

I said the main thing that you need to keep in mind is in what niche you're gonna be launching your Instagram page. If you want to launch about dating, weight loss, cats and traveling whatever. You have to keep in mind that you will need to monetize that page later with affiliate offers in that specific niche.

So you can just launched any page and then just try to figure out exactly how you're gonna monetize the letter. You need to do it before you actually create the page. This is a perfect example if i just type dog on ClickBank you'll see that we get $30 per sell on dog training secret.

So if you get three or four sales per day you're making over a hundred dollars per day with this product alone. So if you had twenty thousand followers on instagram in the dog meat and you promoted this in your stories for example you could easily get a few thousand clicks to that offer. 

13 Jun 2020

How To Earn Money Online Quora?

Today I will guide you how to earn money online quora or how you can use quora to earn money from YouTube or blog.

What is quora?

Quora is basically question-answering website & app. You can share your knowledge and gain knowledge from it depending upon what type of questions you want to ask and the type of answers you want to seek any subject.

It also helps you to encourage your writing skills. It allows you to request answers from well-known Experienced people. Earning money from Quora is also depends upon traffic. Second thing the questions you will ask it won't be  repeated and more and more views you have to get after doing all this. 

how to earn money online quora

You will start earning on quora once you will earn $5. You have to upgrade to stripe account with stripe account. You will be able to withdraw your earning minimum $10 and you can withdraw minimum $10.

How To Get Traffic From Quora More?

So in this post I will guide you step-by-stept that how you can use quora and how you can utilize quora for your website or your YouTube channel.

If you have YouTube channel or website then what you have to do after uploading your YouTube video or blog post?

Immediately you can go to your quora web app or you can go to quora website. You can type the question on the same subject which you have made the video or you are going to post. If you find that question you can copy your video description into that answer or you can write your blog posts into that answer.

If you search that particular question if you don't find that question. Then you can write question by yourself when you will open quora from your web browser. You will see such interface here. You can see at the top right side you will see add question or link.

You can add question whatever is in your mind with link. The link might be a website link or a video link. Anything that you want once you will post your question it will show you  suggestion up to 25 people.  You can select to request that answer here. You can see here you can start the question from what how why etc. 

And you can also share the link and then you can click on add question. So here you can see nine different questions from different people they have requested here. You can see the notification they have requested us to answer this question in the same way.

You will get notification the categories. You will select coding to your interest whenever someone will type that particular question. Who I will show notification and you can answer those questions. Once you will answer those questions more and more views you will get that will allow you to earn money from Quora.

The second and the most important thing whenever you will write any kind of answer at the last off answer you can write down the link of your blog or your YouTube channel. So in this way whoever will read that question and answer can also visit your blog or your YouTube channel.

So if you did not registered on Quora up till now you can register on Quora today and you can ensure knowledge this feeling share your knowledge with other people.

7 Jun 2020

14 Best Online Jobs without Investment & Registration Fees (Earn $600 Per Month)

Hallo! How are you all? Hope you are all people will be better. Today, I have brought for you a great online jobs . So do you also want to earn money by sitting at home online? That can pay you up to $1000 a day. Today, I am going to introduce you to some of the best online jobs that you can start without investing at your home and earn extra amount of money.

Now I will show you the best 16 different online jobs which you can do this at your home easily. I will offer you only real and best online work from home jobs

Remember that whatever work I tell you will be absolutely free and it will not require any document in any way. And nor will you need high knowledge and technology knowledge. How Let's Start..!

Online jobs without investment
Online Jobs Without Investments

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• 14 Best Online Jobs From Home

1. Easy Online Jobs 

I'm going to show you some $15 per hour work from home jobs. Available right now at a company called Aira. Which is a place where you can get some pretty easy online jobs that don't require experience, they don't require a college degree or anything like that basically. It's helping visually impaired people with a more independent lifestyle that's kind of what their agents do again $15 per hour and usually flexible hours.

If you scroll down on aira.io that's the website company right there at the bottom of that page click aira agents when you do that you can see a video about it also. If you are a military spouse this is another thing that they believe in is hiring people and giving them a chance as well. So you may even get a leg up on the others who are applying for this job. If you are a military spouse but you should be able to apply no problem either way and if you're interested in joining click.

The apply Now button right there and they'll have additional information but basically you're going to be on the phone. You'll help people that are usually impaired. You might have to give them directions or help, them you know just do certain things on a daily basis. That they call it need help for and it's not a lot of real difficult stuff so apply now when you click there. It'll have the rest of the information you need before applying you have a Google Doc.

Here that says you do need to be in the United States. You have completed high-school or GED some colleges preferred but not required be using a computer with a minimum of 8 gigabytes of RAM a quad-core processor with at least 50 gigabyte or GBS of available memory storage have a internet speed of at least 25 Mbps. And you need to have a private quiet location to work. They are looking for someone who's a great problem solver who knows how to read a map and understands public transportation systems.

You're revised by adapting to different situations and helping people and you know other than that you don't have to look into much else. They do have a aptitude test that you need to take and then you can apply here by putting in your email address. And the going to the next button and then they have kind of a 10-page thing that You fill out to apply so that's about it as far as reviews of the company.

If you're interested in that they have 26 reviews on Glassdoor comet with a four and a half out of 5 star rating and then at self-made success.com and in the video that should be popping up in the top right of the video. Right now you can find other work from home jobs that are available in the past month or so and you can apply by going to either one and clicking the link underneath. The job you're interested in and the that'll go straight to the application page where you can apply so hopefully. 

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2. Online Survey Jobs

Hey guys so are you tired of doing these online surveys jobs that basically pay you a few dollars maybe make one dollar, make fifty cents and maybe make three dollars per survey

There that will pay you barely anything when you can simply be making a lot more money for you. If you're in stay at home  and you can't work if you're in between jobs or if you just need a side hustle your know like this is something very great to take advantage. 

Basically these are higher paid survey sites that pay you hundreds of dollars per survey. You'll get paid like fifty dollars per survey and $75 to $100 per survey easily by just one survey. 

So you can definitely go to the website. It's just like any other survey website but it's a lot more in-depth. They will have you ask some questions about yourself. When you qualify and then basically you can getting started to making $50 to $100.

It's completely free to start. You do not have to pay any money. This is completely free you can connect your PayPal account and get started now. 

It's just really amazing to look at the opportunities that you can make money online free with this and they send you a bunch of surveys like the list goes on.

There's so many opportunities in this website. You've got to check out definitely before it becomes a mainstream. Because you know this is really cool to be getting paid 50 to $100 for an hour of work for doing something very simple answering questions.

Whatever so definitely you have to join the online survey jobs website and make one hundred dollars in the next hour.

3. Amazon Jobs Customer Service

I'm gonna show you two ways that you can use Amazon jobs from home. You can do to start making some money. So let's get started. Here I showing you how to use your computer to start earning extra money.

So today we're taking at Amazon Jobs Customer Service and how you can use it to find jobs but if you want the best way to start making money online and then click this link Amazon Jobs. And you have to create an account at Amazon that jobs and sign up

All you're gonna need is an email address go ahead and enter in your email address sign up and you get a quick verification email to your email address. So just click on that link and you're gonna be able to access this back-office. Here where you can start finding jobs using Amazon for example Amazon jobs ustomer service or other job related things. 

Alright so once you're inside of here and you're ready to find jobs from home. Some of them are going to work from home jobs and some of them are a certain offices. Your first option right there amazon jobs and second option you have Amazon Mechanical.  

It's basically works there's other big companies with websites and appsAmazon Tech and hire real people just like you and me.

4. Data Entry Jobs

Many types of data entry jobs are available in India and globally. You can find some good companies that can pay you money to work as a data entry operator for them.

Generally, people can earn Rs. 15000 to 25000 per month through data entry jobs. You need to have good typing skills.

You can find the 6 best places to find real data entry jobs here.

5. Ad Posting Online Jobs without Investment

Advertising posting job is one of the most talked about online jobs that you can start in India without any registration fees. This is a simple classified advertising job. You classified sites will be listed from time to time, ads matter (content ads)

Now you need to post those add-ons to the list of deferred classified sites. You will pay up to Rs 10.00 per posting whenever you post an add-on.

Advertising posting is the best two part of doing jobs, one you can use automated ad posting software and any type of advertising posting tool without suspending. Second, it's not going to make boredom like typing jobs as the same working again and again.

Below is a recommended company providing online ad posting jobs from home without investment.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing might be the best option if you have a good social background. An example of affiliate marketing is already given in online work before home jobs. Referral link to paid online survey sites is the tool that will give money. You can join the affiliate program of different platforms.

Nowadays, most of the digital sales companies run affiliate programs. They pay 10% to 50% commission to refer someone.

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular among ecommerce websites. Create your affiliate profile there and share your referral link. You will be paid commission if someone buys the product using your link in return. The most important thing is that you need a large community. A community which is also responsible. Amazon, Flipkart and eBay all run affiliate marketing programs to reach more customers.

In addition, you can join Clickbank, Commission Junction and Rakuten Marketing Partner. They are the best resource to associate money online.

7. Transcriptionist

As a transcription to earn money online, you should have good listening skills. What does a transcriptionist do? A transcriptionist listens to an audio recording and converts them to written format. If you have the ability to do that then it is a terrible job from home jobs.

Professional transcriptionists are earning a lot through online work from home jobs. You can visit freelancers websites to find transcription jobs again. You can find a lot of transcription jobs available online. There are also some websites that hire transcriptionists after the transcription test. Go through the Internet to find more about it.

These are a list of some good sites where I'm working and making money online.






8. Teach Language online

This job is also related to online teaching but is specific to teaching languages. If you are a good catch on any language (English, German, French, etc.) plus you have the skills to teach people then you can become an online language teacher. You can create courses and sell them or provide live classes for paid members. As a result, you can earn money online from home.

Some people hire teachers to learn the language. Find your students and trust them that you will teach them the language. Start giving classes via Skype or any other platform. Pay per class or per hour. You can also use freelancers sites to find a job.

9. Life Coach

To become a life coach you must possess excellent communication skills. Life coach is not like ordinary counselor, mentors etc. They can help you achieve your goal with workable plans. If you think you can guide someone like this then welcome to this online job from home jobs.

To catch customers, you can create your own website. It must also have a portfolio to trust clients. It is clear that you will not get many customers in getting started. Therefore, advertise your services and benefit customers. You can also write some articles or do video sessions on the Internet or YouTube.

10. Data Entry Jobs to Earn Money Online From Home

It should be the most popular job from home jobs. An inside fact about data entry jobs is that there is a huge competition in this job today. This field will have a lot of effort to get a job for Freisher. But if you have proper skills and can show them, the job is guaranteed.

First, make sure you can work in the Microsoft Office application. Like PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Learning MS Word and Excel is the most important. The the projects are done using these two applications.

Where can you get a data entry job? Data entry jobs are available in all freelancers websites. Nowadays, job postings are also given in newspaper advertisements. Since this sector is highly competitive, the likelihood of scandals is high. So be very careful when dealing with your customers. Take a job from reputed or approved customers. You can earn $5 to $25 per hour from data entry jobs.

11. Editing & Proofreading

You can also start offering your services as an editor and you won't need any investment.

If you have an excellent grammar order, a good eye for details, great spelling, and you know how to edit the text so that it can flow seamlessly – then proofreading/proofreading. Editing may be your next job.

What makes it work right online without investing is the fact that you don't need any creativity or research skills.

All of you need to be a good laptop and excellent English skills.

12. Social Media Manager

All the brand right now is looking for someone to manage their social media.

No matter how big the company is and whether it is the area-the popularity of social media is growing rapidly.

And for good reason. Social media has consistently proved itself to be the ultimate medium for marketing. Cheap, effective and with a lot of room for creativity and development. Who could ask for more?

To become a social media manager, you will need basic social media knowledge for entry level jobs.

It can be as simple as being able to write fun captions and post a picture.

More advanced positions require an in-depth understanding of SEO knowledge, advertising incorporation and various services.

13. Online Moderator

If you're looking for some part-time work from home without investment and you've got a knack for management - try your luck on online moderation.

You will be in charge of monitoring comments on public forums and blogs, regulating behavior, responding to people and ensuring that all rules are being followed.

And all this takes zero investment from your side. Most of these jobs also do not require past experience and provide very flexible programmes.

14. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Jobs

We've already mentioned that blogging is a great platform to use Google Adsense Monetized. But to take it to the next level you can create a micro niche blog with affiliate marketing.

Yes, this time you will earn more revenue than Google AdSense.

But there is a lacuna of making money from affiliate marketing.

First, there's big competition and secondly, you need to have some awesome content in a blog that's ranked really well on the Google search page.

Best of Luck!

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6 Jun 2020

How To Earn Money Online In India For Students

I guys feeling helpless because you're not able to do work and make money. I know like everyone of us even I am stuck in the lockdown. So, if you are like working at a job when you like working from home. It's fine but if you are like depending on like daily wages and all that you might be feeling hard to like make money right now. Because you're not able to do work. So I can understand you guys so that why I wanted to right this post for you like especially for you. 

How To Earn Money Online In India For Students
Make Money In India

Because I know like how it is I'm watching the news every day and like many people's livelihood is getting like spoiled. Because of this is especially for people who are like stuck in the house. Who are not able to go out and able to make money. So I'm going to be showing you like five ways of how you can make money from home.

I hope this post helps you. So let I'll show you all the five ways to how to earn money online in India for students. I'm going to all the best way to make money from home right now okay so let's get started so the first way to make money is by doing network marketing.

1. Network Marketing

Every day we either purchase or provide products and services from retail. To pretty much about anything done things we find products that we've lived and I mean absolutely love. And we share it with our friends and we post pictures status updates check-ins and social media. Ravings this is known as a word-of-mouth advertising and it's one of the most powerful advertising methods ever. 

This is why so many businesses invest so much on making? sure you have a good experience as a customer because when you share your good experiences with your friends you drive them more customers. which means more money. Welcome to the powerful world of network marketing. There are businesses that understand the power behind word-of-mouth advertising. 

So we've cut down on expenses such as TV commercial printed advertisements billboards and even physical stores buildings. When they save they pass those savings on to you. Through something they call a compensation plan. So it typically works network marketing companies give you the opportunity to represent the company as an independent entity. This partnership allows you to benefit from a compensation plan.

All compensation plans are different but you're usually compensated for sharing these products and services to your friends invite. Others to do the same they get some cash and you get a little bit. More in essence network marketing is a strategy that compensates. You not only for the sales that you personally generate but also for the sales of other people you recruit. 

Because it is considered a home based business. you don't have to quit your day job to earn extra money. Unless you really wanted to in fact according to the direct selling Association an estimated 15.6 million people in the United States are involved in network marketing and in total of 92 million worldwide. Which means network marketing is here to stay there are many things to consider when joining a network marketing company.

2. Virtual Assistant Jobs

You can get paid 20 dollars an hour or more to work from home as a Virtual Assistant. Basically you'll be doing data entry jobs, you'll be scheduling emails, you'll be doing all sorts of appointment setting and stuff like that for different executives. Business owners so the first website is called profit factory.com.

This a place where people like small business. Owners might go to find a Virtual Assistant and then we go through profit factory.com and they will find someone who can work virtually to do all sorts of things task management. again data entry jobs all sorts of stuff related to emails headlong appointments and stuff like that so they have a listings page profit factory.com slash jobs.

The home page of profit factory.com they don't really have a link directly to the place where you can find their jobs for whatever reason. So what you can do is just go to the profit factory.com slash jobs. Because that's just about the only way you can do it. you just do a Google search but they have like a Virtual Assistant here. Then they'll have a logo of the company that it's for and everything as well as their website 20 to 40 hours per week.

And then they'll have like an experience needed the CRM software like Microsoft Outlook. They'll give you an idea of your hours like this one has flexible hours pay is $20 per hour and you can become a long-term team member 3 plus years. How to apply just contact them through jobs at profit factory.com and they'll have all of that there so then you have another one 25 to 30 hours a week.

Actually we you're an actual w-2 employee so you're not like an independent contractor or something like that where you'd have to you know kind of pay yourself. Almost as a freelancer you'll need Google analytics experienced and MailChimp for zoom. some of the different tools you'll be using this one pays $22 a hour as you can see. So it's really nice as it tells you how much each job pays you. You have all sorts of different companies on

You might say real estate companies, you might see you know CPA companies, you might see lawyers and you might see all sorts of different companies on here. 10 to 20 hours a week for one with Intelligence structure this one they want you to have experience with things like Microsoft Office.

This is a 1099 contractor position so this is more of an independent contractor one here 10 to 20 hours $19 per hour pay. You can keep going through here and you have $20 an hour growing to $25 per hour. there you have another one 15 to 20 hours a week. This one pays $20 an hour so you can see right. 

They have executive assistant paralegal right now project manager, marketing and social media specialist. Executive assistant most of these are going to have very similar requirements for applying. They are going to just varying a little bit in terms of what you'll be doing. So, mostly executive assistant stuff. 

You'll be doing basic Virtual Assistant work and with a marketing and social media specialist. You might be managing social media accounts for people, scheduling different content to get posted and you might do some blog post or something like that.

3. Invest in Stock Market

In the 1600s the Dutch East India Company employed hundreds of ships to trade gold, porcelain, spices, and silks around the world.  But running this massive operation wasn’t cheap. In order to fund their expensive voyages, the company turned to private citizens–individuals who could invest money to support the trip in exchange for a share of the ship’s profits.

This practice allowed the company to afford even grander voyages, increasing profits for both themselves and their savvy investors. Selling these shares in coffee houses and shipping ports across the continent. The Dutch East India Company unknowingly invented the world’s first Stock Market. Since then, companies have been collecting funds from willing investors support all kinds of businesses.

And today, the Stock Market has schools, careers, and even whole television channels dedicated to understanding it. But the modern Stock Market is significantly more complicated than its original incarnation. So how do companies and investors use the market today? Let's imagine a new coffee company that decides to launch on the market. First, the company will advertise itself to big investors.

If they think the company is a good idea, they get the first crack at investing, and then sponsor the company’s initial public offering, or IPO. This launches the company onto the official public market, where any company or individual who believes the business could be profitable might buy a stock. Buying stocks makes those investors partial owners in the business. 

Their investment helps the company to grow, and as it becomes more successful, more buyers may see potential and start buying stocks. As demand for those stocks increases, so does their price, increasing the cost for prospective buyers, and raising the value of the company's stocks people already own. For the company, this increased interest helps fund new initiatives, and also boosts its overall market value by showing how many people are willing to invest in their idea.

However, if for some reason a company starts to seem less profitable the reverse can also happen. If investors think their stock value is going to decline, there will sell their stocks with the hopes of making a profit before the company loses more value. As stocks are sold and demand for the stock goes down, the stock price falls, and with it, the company’s market value. This can leave investors with big losses–unless the company starts to look frofitable again. 

The see-saw of supply and demand is influenced by many factors. Companies are under the unavoidable influence of market forces–such as the fluctuating price of materials, changes in production technology, and the shifting costs of labor. Investors may be worried about changes in leadership, bad publicity, or larger factors like new laws and trade policies.

And of course, plenty of investors are simply ready to sell valuable stocks and pursue personal interests. All these variables cause day-to-day noise in the market, which can make companies appear more or less successful. And in the Stock Market, appearing to lose value often leads to losing investors, and in turn, losing actual value. Human confidence in the market has the power to triggered everything from economic booms to financial crises. And this difficult-to-track variable is why most professionals promote
reliable long term investing over trying to make quick cash. However, experts are constantly building tools in efforts to increase their chances of success in this highly unpredictable system.

But the stock market is not just for the rich and powerful. With the dawn of the Internet,  everyday investors can buy stocks in many of the exact same ways a large investor would. And l as more people educate themselves about this complex system they too can trade stocks, support the businesses they believe in, and pursue their financial goals. The first step is getting invested.

23 May 2020

Best Jobs For Introverts - High Paying Jobs

Are you someone who would rather work alone or behind the scenes ? Today I've found some of the best jobs for introverts. so, what are you waiting for ? keep to learn more..!

Hii! Welcome everyone today's post is going to focus on best jobs for introverts. People that love to work alone would love to be behind the scenes and not comfortable. You know working directly with maybe customers over the phone or different clients. So I wanted to make sure that I share a very detailed, Which was requested by one of my readers. Several others that wanted to learn more about the best opportunities for introverts.

Best Jobs For Introverts

1. Blogging

Now the first phase is going to focus on blogging. Just because I think blogging is such an awesome opportunity for introverts. I'm an introvert I love working alone by myself behind the scenes. I dived into blogging as a way to be able to generate some extra income

So, I wanted to go more in depth about blogging and share with you guys how you get started ? If you know some tools that you'll need some things that you would need to brainstorm also how you make money from blogging ?

So that the first phase does not interest you. I'm going to cover. If you are not interested in them. So let's dive right in and get started. Here are the best jobs for introverts. We will cover several different opportunities that I feel that are really good for those that like to stay to their themselves blogging audiobook narrator proofreader translator freelance writing and also a video captioner

The first opportunity I would love to cover is blogging. I have done for the last five years blogging has been a very rewarding career for me to be able to support my family and make a full time income.  Blogging is definitely a great way to make money if you are passionate about a specific topic or you just have some really good knowledge in a certain area.

2. Make Money With Google Adsense

So I am sure that many of you guys want to know how do you even make money from blogging. Now there are a variety of ways to make money blogging. Whether you are sharing Google Ads on your website by signing up with a publisher program with Google Adsense to simply find their publisher program. You can go to Google.com and type in Adsense publisher program. 

Google Adsense which is Google's publisher program for those who want to place advertisements and earn money through people that purchase Google's ads. As they are set up an account and then Google Adsense allow publishers or writers or bloggers to share those ads on their website

How Google Adsense Works and make money ?

If people go to your website and they see some type of advertisement whether it's for Macy's Amazon and they click on it. Thus you are earning a percentage and so you'll see right here where you can learn a little bit more about their ad program. So yeah you can earn money from relevant ads that are related to your niche.

So if you are doing a blog on health or beauty products then Google assets will share ads that are related to your topic. Now you can select your region right here on matter where you are in it will. Let you see, you know what your potential earnings can be dependent on where you are located at and then also you can be able to select the category for your blog.

Whether it's beautyFitness, computer, electronics, finance, food, drinks, and games, health, home and garden, jobs, education, pets and animals, and real estate. I mean the list goes on you know with the number of categories that you can start a blog about and then you can just select that button to calculate or you can go ahead and get started right here and you will fill out their online form to apply for their ad program. 

Another ad program platform is media.net now this is the Yahoo media online advertising program that allows you to place ads and as you can see right here I'm just gonna go ahead and click on their official website. They also allow you to maximize your revenue from blogging by placing advertisements on your website.

They make it very simple for you to get started in less than 10 seconds you will enter your website, phone number and email address.This company is used by a variety of widely well-known on TV networks they do have a contact area where you can reach out to them to get more information. So I do highly recommend you exploring this website to learn more about how you can make money by displaying ads on your website.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Most popular ways that bloggers make money from blogging is affiliate marketing. There are some well-known affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon. Walmart Target that allow you to sell products through their website. Now you will basically direct people by getting an affiliate link from those platforms and then you will share it on your blog or YouTube channel or social media page. That's how you're able to generate it that person goes through your affiliate link to purchase a product from Amazon.

Target or any other Affiliate Network that you are signed up with then you will earn a percentage from that also. You can sell your ad space on your blog if you have certain areas on your website. Where you can be able to display like a banner ad or something you can actually charge people you know $50 a month a hundred dollars per month depending on how much traffic you get to your blog.

Also you can sell products on your website. Don't worry I will also leave a link to an article on my blog page on how you can be able to make money from blogging in a variety of ways all of the networks that I cover will be here. Where you can be able to just simply click the blue link here to go to their direct website affiliate programs sell a space on your blog so your own products offer your own services. There are plenty of ways that you can be able to make money from blogging with your own website. The next question that I receive a lot is can I make a full time income blogging ?

Absolutely you can make as much as you want depending on how much effort and time you put into building your blog. You
know blogging is all about building a fan base. You know good in a fan base building some engage readers that's absolutely love your content. Over the last two years I have personally been able to make that full time income to be able to support my entire family. There are some bloggers that are making anywhere from thousands of dollars per month.

I know you guys may be like no way but that is absolutely possible depending on how knowledgeable you are in your niche. How much you want to take your blog to the next level because trust me these people that are making you know hundreds of thousands now they're they don't only have a blog but they also have ebooks that may be published on Amazon or online courses and different digital products that they sell in addition to blogging. So it's really depends on if you're trying to do it as a hobby or if you want to turn it into an online business for yourself.

9 Apr 2020

How To Become Travel Blogger

Hello, Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to start a travel blog. That helps you travel for free or get little freebies. Here and there but a travel blog that is a real business, that makes money, that can change your life.

Travel bloggers out there the following tips will help get you started with your very own blog the first step is choosing your passion it seems pretty and blogging has to keep your interest.

How to become travel blogger
How To Become Travel Blogger

And talk about the top 10 things that you can do to have a successful travel blogger. Most important thing number one about building.

A successful travel blog is, be original. The most important thing that you can do is develope your unique niche.

Yes, there are thousands of travel blogs but if you think about it, there are also thousands of restaurants all over planet earth.

Does that mean you shouldn't start and open a restaurant? Or that a new restaurant can't be successful? No.

Travel blogging is a super young industry.  It'sonly been about a decade now that people could actually make solid money with a travel blog.

So, when you think about it that way, if you can innovate and come up with a really clever niche then you've got a really good chance of succeeding.

Really think about what is the one thing that you love so much that you're obsessed with it.

Write Guest Posts

So, when you're first starting out, use that extra time to your advantage by writing amazing content for other sites that points back to your site.

This helps for search engine optimization. This also really helps for getting an audience.

Now, the best way to approach people with your articles is to, number one, have something really special that you've already written that has amazing images to go along with it and that goes with the subject of their site.

Create a blog website

Building your social media followers. So you start at the blog you know what you're blogging your how and you invested in it and you want to get people to read your content of course. So what do you start building yourself up on social media ?

Social media is key Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube get all the social media channels you can and pour your time into it. If you're going into travel blogging instagram is so important because Travel blogging is all about transporting your readers to a different destination and photos and videos are credible for that.

So definitely embrace Instagram it's one of the easiest ways to gain a following quickly and to drive people to your website and definitely look at Twitter and Facebook as well to share your posts.

Create Your Social Media Platform

And lastly, make sure that you give the person time to respond before you approach other people with the same article.

You don't wanna look spammy and like you're just trying to get backlinks because trust me, whoever you're approaching gets a lot of emails that are like that.

So, you just wanna make sure that you come across as genuine, that they know that you're also a travel blogger, and that you're not trying to sneak a link in their for a company and that what you're providing is going to give them value.

Serve Your Audience

You should focus on serving your audience. And this is really good advice because if every time that you get started on something you think about how it benefits others, you're more likely to find success.

Think about it. If you write an article that is just about me, then other people might not necessarily connect with it in the way that you're hoping for.

In order to have mass appeal, you wanna make sure that you're really providing something of value. Maybe that's something that's funny and makes people laugh and just brightens their day a little bit.

Maybe that is the end all be all guide for whatever it is that you're writing about. Another way is to make them feel really good about themselves and to be relatable. 

So, if you write something that people can really connect with here, they're more likely think about you long after they've read the post and to wanna go back to your site to see updates. Put some soul into it and make it something that is appealing for people beyond just yourself.

Do Learning

It should be really obvious that you need to have a clear reason why you are blogging but a lot of people simply don't. Don't be afraid to spend money. Because businesses need money to grow.

It takes you through the basics of how to build and start a travel blog using WordPress, how to grow website with  search engine optimization and social media, and how to really approach it from the right angle from the beginning.

Become Part Of The Travel Blogging Community

Not to pay attention to your competition. In the beginning, I do think it's important to do some market research.

See what other bloggers are doing that works for them, ask questions in the Facebook groups, become part of the community so that you atleast have an idea of what the current environment is like.

But once you establish yourself, don't pay attention to what anyone else is doing anymore. It can kill your creativity when you're comparing yourself to other people and no matter what.

Logging into Facebook or reading other blogs. I'm not saying you should stop reading blogs for pleasure.  I am saying that there is a line at which point it starts to be unhealthy for you and your brand.

Instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing, do you. Do what you do best and don't worry about the competition.

Best of luck!

3 Mar 2020

What Is AdMob by Google? How To Earn Money from Google AdMob? 2020

Today is the Internet round and almost everyone is spending a lot of time on the Internet. People find many other things other than audio, video, and news on the Internet, and they want to know more about how to earn money from the most famous Internet today. If you also want to earn more money than the Internet like others, I will introduce you today through a medium that you can easily work with them.

Today I want to tell you, What is AdMob?
And I'm also going to tell you How To earn money with AdMob ? If you don't know about AdMob yet and you don't know how to create an account in AdMob and how to earn money form AdMob aaps, this article is for all those readers. If you want to get the full details on the AdMob topic, you need to read it to the end.

How to earn money from Google AdMob

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Nowadays, we see a variety of advertisements on social media, TV, etc. In which we are asked to install a variety of mobile apps. But have you ever wondered what benefits the Aaps developer company from downloading these apps? If you're a blogger, you know very well that the main means of making money from blogging is Google Adsense. Similarly today AdMob is a main platform to earn money from the mobile app.

1. What is AdMob?

AdMob is also a Google product like Google Adsense. This is a mobile advertising platform. If you look at the word AdMob, it means ads on mobile Ads. AdMob shows ads in mobile. So if we understand AdMob in simple terms, this is an advertising network that app developers use to make money from the internet online by running ads in their mobile app.

This AdMob mobile app is an advertising platform of Google that promotes and monetizes. This app allows developers to promote the application through in-Aap ads. In-enabled advertising also allows you to monetise from the application. In addition, you can see all these insights through Google Analytics

AdMob is currently available for Android and iOS flash platform. It also has unity and Cocos gaming support. Thus connects to your Adsense Account to distribute AdMob apps for Android, iOS and other applications.

If you're an Adsense publisher, tell you for your information that AdMob works just as Google Adsense works, i.e., just as you monetise Google Adsense, you can start earning using AdMob.

As you know, you get link ads in Google Adsense and after clicking you visit another site, but it's not in AdMob. Here you see ads, but these are ads types, banners, interstitials and rewards.

2. How To Create Google AdMob Account

Check out the simple steps below to create your free account on AdMob, and then start doing an AdMob account on your device. First open AdMob's official sites in your device and sign up.

Or you can click on this link Google AdMob
Now you open the site. Click Sign Up after sign up.

Sign up AdMob

Now you need to verify your email address here, enter your email id password. Then click next.

AdMob Login

A new page will open on the next page. Here you will see the option of the AdMob Account at the end of that page. So you click on the terms and conditions above and click Create Account.

Sign up for AdMob

Now a new page will be open to you. Yes, where do you want to get servicing related to monetization of AdMob and click no on others.

Google AdMob login

Your AdMob account has been done. As you can see in the screenshot above.

If you encounter a problem while you're having an AdMob account, you can let us know through comments we'll try to explain to you again.

3. How To Use AdMob

So after having an account on AdMob, let us know how you can earn money from AdMob.

To use AdMob and make money from it, you must first have a mobile app that you can learn to develop the app from the developer or by yourself.

If you have a mobile app ready on any topic, you can now publish it to the Play store or app store.

4. How Google AdMob Works ?

AdMob is a Mobile Advertising Platform, so a large portion of it comes just when you install the Ad application. Assume you developed the app and you want to reach it to people through Advertising, you paid Google to get your application promoted, presently Google will show your ad on another Developer's application.

Google will consequently keep a portion of the money you provided for Google, and give a portion of the same apps to the designer that you've appeared on the application. It's a way Circle runs, everybody resorts to advertising to increase their business. That acquires both Google and application Developer.

5. How to Earn Money from AdMob

Now many new users will be questioning how to earn money from AdMob. Here I tell you for your information that you can earn money from AdMob through your app.

Once you make your app public in any app store, you can monetize from that app through the AdMob Ad network. Ads start to look like other apps in your mobile app.

So this way you can understand that you should have a mobile app to use AdMob. When someone uses your mobile app to click on ads shown by AdMob, it earns you. And the more users click on your ad, the higher your earnings. It's clear that the more people download that application, the more you'll be rewarded.

This brings out the fact that your app will have to reach out to as many people as you can to earn more money from AdMob. Now you can promote your app for free via social media to reach thousands of users. Or you can also advertise your app in Google Adsense. Like today you can see the banner and Ads of the app on various apps, like, etc.

6. History of AdMob

As you know, AdMob is a Google product. But if you think AdMob would have started by Google, it's not really like that. Because AdMob was launched in the month of April by Omar Hamoui (the foundation of AdMob) in the year 2006.

But a few years later Google decided to buy AdMob from Omar Hamoui based on AdMob's potential and future usefulness, and in 2009 AdMob was bought by Google for $750 million, thus AdMob is Google's famous product today.

So now you may have known what the Admob is, how to create an account in The Admob and who can use it and how can he earn money? We hope that this information will prove beneficial to you. 

18 Feb 2020

7 Simple Steps to Create an Online Course For Free & Earn Money

Often, I wonder how to create an online course, sell it, and make money. Let me tell you that it is not that easy, nor is it very difficult.

However, creating a great online course can open the doors of money. There are many examples of common people who made millions of dollars by creating online courses.

If you have a lot of knowledge about a topic, I recommend you to develop an online course and follow these simple steps to make money.

• How to create an online courses in 7 steps

You don't need to become a teacher to create an online course. But you will definitely need excellent writing and teaching skills. Because, online courses are usually simple and also taken by people living abroad.

In addition, you need to create a tutorial video to support your online course. Read my step-by-step guide to creating an amazing online course.

How to create an online courses
Create An Online Course

1. What You Can Offer

Find out what people can offer by creating online courses. This means taking stock of skills in your various fields.

Identifying the subject is quite simple. You can create an online course to train people about your work and passion. It is not necessary to stick to only a few professional courses.

SearchUdemy.com: They list more than 100,000 mixed courses. These courses cover almost every area of life, from e-commerce development to pet care. You can get some ideas about the type of online course to sell and make money.

Shortlist your skills that can be useful for creating online courses.

2. Making Your Course an Experience

That's not how to do it and how to sell the course. I can get anywhere, and usually for free. A course is to experience real value, personal stories and travel students taking through their examples. This not only makes the course interesting, the more likely students will finish it, but help them relate to and learn content.

In addition to his personal stories and subject learning experience, part of your research should be included in your book to find anecdotes and examples from others. Try to include a story or experience in each chapter if possible.

3. Make sure your course is in consideration of high market demand

Hands up who wants to spend the week of their lives creating an online course, absolutely no one to buy it? No. Didn't think so.

Once you choose your online course topic, the next step is to conduct multiple market research tests to see if its market demand.  Many course creators make the mistake of thinking that if there is a lot of competition in their subject area, their course idea will not fly.  But in fact, it shows that there is of course a high chance of that idea of being a strong market demand and is therefore well worth further investigation.

The main three things you want to see:

  • Are people talking about it?
  • Are people asking questions about this?
  • What is the difference between what the competition is offering?

If your answer to the above three questions is 'yes' and your idea is the same but already there, you have a course idea that has the chance to be a best seller.

4. Select and collect your course content

This is the stage where many course creators start taking risks in 'The Hole of Eternal Delay'.

The main reason we get stuck here is because the sheer amount of information we have in our heads or in the books around us, on our hard drives, in our notepads and so on.

This is where you will be conducting the research market testing phase and in your learning results, now you come to serve again. As you're sorting through your stack of content, throw out anything that's not directly related to achieving a learning outcome.

Secondly, make sure that every learning result contains related content.

Include content only that answers your audience's questions, or fill in the drawbacks you haven't met with your competitors.

5. Create an Online Course

Now that you have all the necessary and important information, go ahead and create an online course. Obviously, that's the hardest part. All the information in your head needs to be put on paper or rather, a computer in the correct format and sequence.

Create graphs and use photos you're taken in course content. These graphics and pictures help you highlight a few points. Also do video and voice recordings.

If you have a better digital camera, great. You can buy an inexpensive tripod to keep the camera or smartphone to make video tutorials.

Edit and read all your course content proof. Correct any errors and prepare the final evidence.

I would like to offer a major tip to create an online course: never rush. It may take several weeks to create a great online course.

6. Run Course Trial

Before you put the course online through your website or eLearning portal, run the test.  You can offer it for free within a small group. Invite their comments and suggestions. These users may be able to guide you to make some improvements or include fault features you have made.

Take a test whether the course is student friendly or not. You can also give your free test students exams and find how much they have learnt from your online course.

Personally, I would not recommend to anyone to create an online course to market it without tests and tests. Of course, testing may take some time. Nevertheless, it will help iron out any errors, errors and cover the gray patch.

7. Sell Your Course

Obviously, on this day you are waiting. Upon completion of testing and fine tuning, your online course is ready to make money.

Take your time to upload the course carefully to your website or elearning platform. Make sure you don't mess up text, pictures, graphics and videos. They should be in proper order.

You can accept payments through PayPal or other methods. If an e-learning platform will keep your course in the market, you don't need to be bothered about payments. They will deposit your money by PayPal or any other legal method after making a confirmed sale.

• Wrap up

The global elearning industry is projected to touch the US $325 billion mark by 2025. Certainly, you want a piece of this tremendous market.

Creating an online course is not expensive, unless you want to buy things like camera, recorder, microphone and other content. By following these simple steps, you can also create an online course and earn money.