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What Is Google AdMob ? | How To Earn Money from Google AdMob in 2020

Today I will gonna talk you about Google AdMob & What is Google AdMob ? & I am also gonna tell you How To Earn Money With AdMob ?

Then this Post is all those people. If you are interest on the Google Admob Topic then you must read it to the end.

What Is Google AdMob ? | How To Earn Money from Google AdMob in 2020
Make Money from Google AdMob

Nowadays, we all see a variety of advertisement on social media platforms and TV etc. In which we are asked to install a variety of mobile apps. But have you ever thought what benefits the android apps developer company from downloading the apps ? 

If you are a website developer or blogger you know very well that the main reason of making money from blogging on Google AdSense. That similarly is today Google Admob is a main advertising platform to earn money from mobile applications

1. What Is Google AdMob ?

AdMob is Google's advertising platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications like Google Adsense where promoting & monetising ads on website

AdMob is powered by ads directly from Google ads and other third-party ad buyers on Google's ad exchange. This ensures you're always showing high quality ads in your apps. 

2. How Google AdMob Works ?

It allows application developers to promote their applications through in-app adsmonetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising, and provides intelligent insights through Google Analytics.

AdMob is available for Android and iOS platforms, with support for Unity and Cocos gaming engines. Your AdMob account connects with your AdWords account to distribute your ads for your AndroidiOS, or gaming applications.

By connecting AdMob to AdWords, you can create mobile app install campaigns. These campaigns are specific to getting more people to download your app, with AdWords applying custom targeting, keywords, and ads based on your app ID and miscellaneous information. 

One unique feature of this mobile advertising platform is AdMob Mediation, which allows you to create house ad campaigns (campaigns that serve ads to your app using your own inventory, free of charge).

You can easily evaluate your campaign performance by tracking installs as conversions. AdMob fully integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to access all the metrics and dimensions that matter to your application – user acquisition, engagementrevenuescreen views, sessions, app version, screen size and more. You can also segment your audiences to gain perspective on how people use your application.  [ Source ]

3. Types Of AdMob Ads

Google AdMob support many different ad formats including Banner AdsInterstitial AdsRewarded video Ads and Native Ads. They serve all types of ad content including playable ads and video ads. Banners are fixed size eggs while interstitials are full-page ads that appear at natural transition parties. 

If this is your first time using AdMob we recommend starting out with the banner and interstitial ad formats. Native format delivers ads that match the visual style of your content while still being distinguishable as ads. This provides a mere seamless integrated experience in your app. 

Rewarded ad format is popular among gaming apps. It allows you to reward your users with in-app items when they watch the app. The rewarded ad format can even help keep you users engaged for longer periods of time to use any of these formats. First start by setting up your app in AdMob.

Then create your ad unit and specify the ad format implement. The SDK add the provided code snippet to your app and ensure that you follow AdMob policies. You're now ready to start serving ads and earning revenue.

4. How To Earn Money From AdMob ?

Now many new users will be questioning how to earn money from AdMob. Here I tell you for your information that you can earn money from AdMob through your app.

Once you make your app public in any app store, you can monetize from that app through the AdMob Ad network. Ads start to look like other apps in your mobile app.

So this way you can understand that you should have a mobile app to use AdMob. When someone uses your mobile app to click on ads shown by AdMob, it earns you. And the more users click on your ad, the higher your earnings. It's clear that the more people download that application, the more you'll be rewarded.

This brings out the fact that your app will have to reach out to as many people as you can to earn more money from AdMob. Now you can promote your app for free via social media to reach thousands of users. Or you can also advertise your app in Google Adsense. Like today you can see the banner and Ads of the app on various apps, like, etc.

How To Make Money In Stock Market | Earn $15 Per Day With Share Market

How to Make Money In Stock Market ? Self-directed investors  can start making money online with stocks after they’ve created a stock investing account at a financial institution. There are two straightforward ways to make money — through price appreciation and dividends.

How To Make Money In Stock Market | Earn $15 Per Day With Share Market
Make Money With Share Market

What drives stock price appreciation?

Two things drive stock price appreciation:
Business performance and valuation expansion. Here are examples for illustration.

Thanks to higher gold prices, gold stocks like Newmont (TSX:NGT)(NYSE:NEM) have gone through the roof, beating the U.S. and Canadian markets with a strong punch!

From the price appreciation perspective, Newmont has outperformed the Canadian market by 360 times in the last year, while it beat the U.S. market by seven times.

Data by YCharts. Comparing Newmont stock’s price performance with the U.S. and Canadian stock markets in the last year.

Newmont’s recent all-in sustaining costs of US$1,030 per ounce versus the gold price of about US$1,975 will result in pure profits. The gold stock also pays a dividend. However, Newmont’s dividend yield is only about 1.5%. So, it’s better to view the dividend as a bonus and best to focus on its price appreciation potential.

The stock looks expensive for having such a massive run-up. For now, though, it appears to have more upside on the backdrop of high gold prices, quality assets, and a reasonable valuation. Analysts’ average 12-month price target on the gold stock is roughly 12% higher.

Stock price appreciation by valuation expansion

By buying quality stocks at discounts, there will be greater potential for valuation expansion that leads to strong price appreciation.

Similar to the other big Canadian banks, Bank of Nova Scotia (TSX:BNS)(NYSE:BNS) is taking a big hit in earnings this year due to the higher expected levels of bad loans from COVID-19 disruptions. Consequently, the bank stocks are also taking a hit.

Specifically, BNS stock has declined by roughly 21% in the last 12 months. At about $55 per share, it trades at roughly 7.7 times normalized earnings, whereas normally it trades at approximately 11.5 times. So, the bank stock trades at a discount of about 33%.

A combination of earnings normalizing, valuation expansion, and stable growth of the business over the next three to five years should drive above-average price appreciation.

Make money from dividends

By buying and holding shares of dividend stocks, shareholders receive periodic dividends. Typically, dividends are paid from earnings or cash flow. Currently, both Newmont and BNS stocks pay dividends from their earnings. However, BNS stock’s dividend yield is much richer. Investors can therefore already gain substantial returns from getting dividend income from Bank of Nova Scotia.

The long-term average Canadian market returns are about 7%. The bank offers a yield of 6.5%. So, you only need to get 0.5% per year from price appreciation to match market returns. That’s a low bar.

BNS stock tends to increase its dividend over time. Additionally, it also offers a historically high yield that suggests the stock is cheap for long-term investment.

BNS Dividend data by YCharts.BNS stock’s dividend and dividend yield history.

The Foolish takeaway

Businesses doing well drive earnings growth and price appreciation if the underlying stock is reasonably valued. Newmont and BNS offer price appreciation potential and safe dividends.

Between the two, BNS stock is a more defensive investment given that its earnings are generally more stable and it pays a big dividend.

Let’s be conservative and assume the earnings and valuation normalization process takes five years and BNS maintains the same dividend throughout — buyers at $55 per share will get total returns of about 15% per year.

The post How to Make Money Online With Stocks appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

More reading

Fool contributor Kay Ng owns shares of Newmont Goldcorp and The Bank of Nova Scotia. The Motley Fool recommends BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA.

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Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Networks & Platforms In 2020| Step-by-step Guided For Beginners

Hey friends are you an affiliate marketer looking for the best affiliate marketing networks to get connected with ? So that you can find the best offers to promote. 

In this very exciting guidance we're gonna talk about the 11 best affiliate marketing networks for beginners to help you find that ideal offer that you want to promote.

Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Networks & Platforms In 2020| Step-by-step Guided For Beginners

So before we get into it if you don't know what an affiliate marketing network is essentially what it is ? It's kind of like a middleman alright. So here's you right you consider the publisher or the marketer or the blogger right. 

You're the one that's promoting products and services from other companies alright and get paid whenever someone buys based on your referral or affiliate links.

They have the service and they want to get more more sales. So they want more people to find their stuff. So they're willing to come to affiliate marketing networks who have the advertisers and who have you the publisher to come together. 

Let's jump into the Top 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks & Platforms.

1. Amazon Influencer Program

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension to the existing online Associates Program (the company's affiliate marketing program for creators, publishers, and bloggers) but is specifically for social-media influencers. The program offers members the option to create their own storefront as a way to list the products they recommend to followers.

To be accepted, Amazon looks at the number of followers and other engagement metrics, as well as the type of content a creator posts, how much content they have shared with followers and the relevancy it has for Amazon customers.

Social-media creators earn money when their followers purchase recommended products in their shop, which lives under a special adress Amazon Influencer.

Other programs Amazon offers for influencers include, The Drop (made-on-demand collections designed by influencers) and Amazon Live, which brings interactive live video into the Amazon shopping experience, enabling creators to livestream themselves via the Amazon Live Creator app. Livestreams will appear automatically on the influencers' storefront and on Amazon Live

Notable for: Works exclusively with influencers and is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs.

2.  Awin and Share-A-Sale


Awin is an affiliate marketing network that has been around for over 20 years and acquired Share-A-Sale in 2017.

Awin works with many fashion and tech brands, including FabFitFun, Warby Parker, Under Armour, Etsy, HP, Tidal, and over 14,000 others. Awin assigns account managers to its advertisers, so publishers (including influencers) are able to work with both the Awin account managers and specific brands on collaborations.

Share-A-Sale, on the other hand, is a more self-managed service on both ends. 

With Awin, influencers can browse the Awin Hub, where advertisers post new offers and campaigns, and post in the Opportunity Marketplace, where they can list and promote their own advertising options, including details about their audience and commission models they prefer. 

Awin's platform allows influencers to use its deeplink builder and Chrome extension to create trackable links. Awin also uses technology built into its program to track sales that aren't from direct clicks, such as personalized coupon codes, and provides influencers with metrics to see where their followers are converting. 

Awin also has incorporated a pay per "assist" commission model for influencer marketing that an advertiser can choose to use for a campaign. In this case, if an influencer shared a product and contributed to a sale through a click, but that click was not the "last click" to win the sale, brands can set up a customizable commission model to reward that influence. 

For tracking payments, influencers can view any commissions that are due and Awin has a "traffic-light payment system" feature that informs creators which advertisers pay out faster than others.

Notable for: Commission by Assist, which allows influencers to earn money for sales their content contributed to even without being the "last click."

Disclosure: Awin is owned by Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer.

3. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform founded in 1998 that specializes in a pay-for-performance method, which lets an influencer earn money not only based on a cut of sales, but also on other performance metrics like traffic.

Influencers use the platform to earn money off sales and can also connect with brands for sponsorship opportunities.

The company works with some of the largest brands, including Barnes & Noble and GoPro, and publishers like CNN and BuzzFeed. 

CJ Affiliate offers a variety of tools, like a dashboard for tracking insights on sales and specific analytics. 

Notable for: Offers a large network of brands, from home and lifestyle to technology, and performance bonus options. 

4. Impact

Impact was founded in 2008 and sought to differentiate itself with a flexible suite of software for both influencers and brands.

Glossier, TechStyle (which owns Fabletics, Savage X Fenty, ShoeDazzle, and other fashion brands), Winc, Adidas, DSW, Levi's, Bonobos, and many other brands are part of Impact's network. Influencers can partner with these brands by using Impact's marketplace, on which creators can reach out to brands directly (or vice versa) to collaborate on a campaign. 

Impact allows brands and influencers to collaboratively agree on contracts and payout terms, whether they want a performance-based agreement, a more straightforward pay-per-post deal, or a hybrid model of the two. If an influencer and brand partner agree to a performance-based contract, the influencer will be able to use Impact's reporting dashboard that shares metrics and tracks on any affiliate links, as well as see the revenue they've driven for the brand and earned themselves. 

Influencers can also negotiate different payment terms than the common 30-day cycle.

"[There's] more flexibility on the brand side, so they can pay out all different kinds of terms and definitely more flexibility for influencers to negotiate when and how they're going to get paid," an Impact representative told Business Insider.

Notable for: Flexible and customizable payment terms for influencers and brands on campaigns.

5. RewardStyle

RewardStyle was founded in 2011 and primarily works with fashion and lifestyle influencers, such as Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat. The company provides ways for creators to make a commission on sales and monetize their content through other methods. 

RewardStyle sets itself apart with the shopping app LiketoKnow.It that allows users to buy the clothes influencers are wearing. RewardStyle said that LiketoKnow.It has cumulatively driven more than $1.5 billion in retail sales and accounts for 50% of the company's overall sales.

Brand collaborations are also part of RewardStyle's programs. Brands can potentially partner with any of the 70,000 influencers who are members of the RewardStyle network. Brands have access to a portal that gives access to metrics for traffic and sales, as well as which influencers are producing revenue. 

Brands such as Ulta, Macy's, Urban Outfitters, and Saks Fifth Avenue are all part of RewardStyle's network. Influencers can apply to become a RewardStyle influencer through the company's website.

When reviewing applicants to join the network, RewardStyle looks at many factors, but especially:

  1. Shoppable posts
  2. High-quality content and imagery
  3. Engagement 
  4. Post frequency and consistency

In March, RewardStyle told Business Insider that it had seen a surge in affiliate link activity as brands shifted toward ecommerce and invested in influencer campaigns. 

Notable for: RewardStyle's LiketoKnow.It app where users can buy the clothes influencers share.

6. MagicLinks

MagicLinks is a social commerce platform built for influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

MagicLinks was founded in 2015 and now has over 20,000 influencers within its network and partnerships with over 5,000 brands. 

Unlike some other networks, MagicLinks is focused entirely on social and video-native members, rather than traditional publishers. 

MagicLinks works with influencers and connects them with brands like Nordstrom, HP, Glossier, and others with affiliate options and sponsorships. The company works with brands and influencers in the lifestyle, beauty, fashion, home, and technology categories. 

The company also offers tools like ObsessedWith.It, an app that gives influencers the option to make Instagram posts and YouTube videos shoppable for fans. This app lets creators monetize content on platforms like Instagram where those functionalities are still developing and not accessible to all influencers. 

Notable for: Works exclusively with influencers and offers unique tools, like the ObsessedWith.It app, to help creators monetize their social-media pages.

7. Pepperjam

Pepperjam was founded in 1999 and works with brands, marketers, and influencers on ecommerce opportunities. It specializes in working with a number of brands in the fashion, health, beauty, and lifestyle spaces like Nordstrom and Tarte Cosmetics.

Pepperjam's affiliate service, Ascend, is used by marketers and publishers to see insights and compensation by using a unique tracking link.

Unlike some other platforms, influencers of any follower count can sign up to be a part of the Ascend platform and start earning money.

Notable for: Lets influencers of any follower count join and specializes in the beauty and lifestyle categories. 

8. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten works with some of the largest brands and advertisers to drive sales and connects influencers with brands for affiliate and sponsorship opportunities.

Rakuten is a global company and manages campaigns and tracks insights on engagement and sales. 

The network bets on smaller influencers rather than mainstream celebrities for higher engagement and sales.

In a 2019 report, Rakuten found that microinfluencers were the most valuable to brands, and that mid-tier influencers outperformed both celebrities and microinfluencers in terms of engagement. 

Rakuten works with brands like JanSport, Lilly Pulitzer, and New Balance, among others.

Parent company, Rakuten, Inc. Also owns ShopStyle, a fashion and lifestyle ecommerce platform, and ShopStyle Collective, the influencer marketing platform.

Notable for: It's a large, global company that also works to build sponsorship opportunities for influencers.

9. ShopStyle Collective

The influencer marketing platform ShopSyle Collective was launched in 2007 and was acquired by Rakuten in 2017.

ShopStyle Collective works with over 20,000 fashion and lifestyle influencers including parenting blog The Motherchic and lifestyle blog The Stripe in monetizing their content on blogs and social media with custom links. 

When a blogger recommends a product to their readers, like an outfit, they can use the custom link provided by ShopStyle to track how many followers engaged with the URL. They earn a commission from every purchase.

ShopStyle Collective previously followed a pay-per-click method and slowly transitioned members a few years ago to pay-per-purchase model.

The network also gives members the option to create widgets which can be embedded and shopped directly on a blog post. Bloggers can create separate widgets for each category and use this feature for creating themed boards within a blog post. 

Outside of influencer monetization, ShopStyle is also a cash-back shop for luxury fashion. This is an app separate from ShopStyle Collective (which is the affiliate program), and functions as a retail shop for earning points on every purchase. 

ShopStyle Collective works influencers in the fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and tech spaces and with brands like QVC, Macy's, and Backcountry, among others.

Notable for: Works with influencers in the fashion and beauty space and allows influencers of any follower count to join.

10. Skimlinks

SkimLinks works with many major publishers on ecommerce and content monetization, including some of the largest media companies in the US and the UK like Condé Nast, Hearst, and HuffPost.

Some bloggers also use SkimLinks to monetize their sites by making commissions on sales and the platform works with over 60,000 publishers and 48,500 merchants around the world.

SkimLinks works with brands across the beauty, technology, home, and fashion categories, among others. 

Notable for: Works with major publishers and offers a wide variety of brands within most verticals.

Disclosure: Insider Inc., Business Insider's parent company, has an affiliate business partnership with Skimlinks.

11. Sovrn

Sovrn, which acquired VigLink in 2018, has over 60,000 merchants in its affiliate network including Nordstrom, Nike, Walmart, Ebay, Microsoft Store, Macy's, Wayfair, and Best Buy.

Its content creation and publisher network, //Commerce, allows influencers to share monetized links across social networks, emails, or websites.

The company offers both CPA (cost per action) and CPC (cost per click) deals to clients. For CPA deals, influencers earn commissions from any sale from a customer clicking their specific link. CPC (cost per click) agreements provide influencers with a flat rate for each click that is directed back to the merchant.

With over 1,800 influencers, each user has access to a //Commerce dashboard that shares metrics and can filter by date, site, products, and devices. 

Influencers have access to:

  1. Revenue
  2. EPC (earnings per click)
  3. Clicks
  4. Sales
  5. CTR
  6. Pageviews
  7. Percentage changes of metrics
  8. Revenue by Merchant, including clicks, actions, and EPC.
  9. Revenue by Link, including clicks and EPC
  10. Revenue by Pageviews, including clicks, RPM, and EPC.
  11. Revenue by Merchandise, including item name, merchant, actions, and sales.

Influencers most often use the //Commerce Anywhere feature, which allows creators to share revenue-generating links on social media with one click, as well as the //Commerce browser extension. The extension lets influencers turn a product page into a monetized link through their browser and shares which affiliate merchants pay the highest commission rates.

Once a link is made, publishers can use Sovrn's Optimize tool that directs a publisher's audience to the merchant that will pay the highest commission available.

Notable for: Directs influencers to the merchants that pay the highest commission rate.

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Best Money making apps 2020 | Apps That Pay You Real Money & Cash | Make Money Online

Today we're gonna talk about mobile Android and iOS apps that you can download on your phone and make money by these apps. Just completing simple various tasks and you can earn real money from it. Some money making apps have now become useful for people in terms of money in different factors.

Making money online $500 - $1000 or more on your free time is a good deal, especially when making no investment in anywhere. So I've pick up a list of the best money making apps in 2020 that have a good reputation.

money making apps

So we're gonna review those apps and by the end of this article you'll know which apps you can use and how much money you can make by fulfilling various tasks.

1. Ipoll 

Ipoll is a survey website. I'm gonna do a review on it and then you can decide whether or not you want to invest time filling out surveys. How much money can you make is this worth your time ? all those questions will be answered in a minute okay. 

So I poll is it kind of looks like this you know it's got a cool little cartoon man they're walking around and if you scroll down it kind of I will explain how this works right and how you can start earning money ? How you can exchange it either for cash through PayPal or through gifts like your the App Store or Amazon gift cards okay. 

They're available in over 30 countries all around the world and what they do is they get surveys from different clients you know corporate customers and they ask you the questions okay. So the question is you know how does it work? how much money can you make? and is it worth your time right. 

It's very easy all you can do is you can just you know sign in for free. It's like creating a free email account and you can start taking surveys on their app okay. But the thing is that you don't qualify for every single survey alright. 

So you might spend five minutes answering questions in a survey and then you get booted out because you're not the right demographic for that particular survey. All right which is just the way that service work unfortunately. So you might spend quite a lot of time looking through different surveys and unfortunately you're not gonna qualify for every single survey okay. 

That's just the way it works. yeah it's you know it's a little bit of money extra just filling out surveys online. it's a great website you're gonna earn a couple of bucks here and there. I hope you enjoyed this review of Ipoll.

2. Survey On The Go

It's a survey app and it's called on the go surveys. It's combated & it's compatible with all devices. So you don't have to worry about that. I would recommend you having a PayPal account to do the PayPal redemption

However there are other options but this app got 4.4 stars you'll find on the Google Play Store and it's just trustable app. 

So a lot of people really do like it there's no question on whether or not. It's legitimate you'll see most of the reviews say that people have been able to redeem. So let's go ahead and check it out okay. 

So typically you won't have surveys here unless it gives you a notification saying that there's a survey available. I didn't even know that this survey was there but you would need to have your locations turned on so that Google Maps can read where you're at because that's how you get the most out of this app. 

I gonna see where you're at on the map and give you a survey relevant to whether you have just walked out of a shopping center a particular store or restaurant and it will give you a survey based on that location. 

The surveys are very for ammount if you don't qualify for a survey they'll give you ten cents. So a lot of these 10 cent ones are just from qualification and so you at least get something and it does add up.

I mean I have a lot of those and they add up pretty quickly but you know you'll get some that are a dollar seventy five fifty cents a dollar fifty one time I had a home depot survey for fifteen dollars and all I had to do was go into home depot answer some questions about a product submit a photo to prove I was really there and I got 15 dollars within the next 24 to 48 hours.

3. GigWalk

GigWalk is an app where you can earn money through PayPal by doing simple tasks in your area. Gigwalk is also available to users in part of the United States and Canada. It's make money you by doing completing an assignment such as going to local businesses and taking pictures of the business and uploading them to the Internet and then GigWalk will pay you.  These tasks are called gigs. Gigwalk paying between $5 to 20 $per task.

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What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does Affiliate Marketing Work ?

Everyone welcome to the MoneyConnextion. So in this post we are going to step by step showing you exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing ? Some different traffic routes we're gonna talk about paid traffic, v/s free traffic.

But we're really gonna go in-depth in affiliate marketing to show you everything that you need to know when it comes to making money online as an affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does Affiliate Marketing Work ?
What is Affiliate Marketing

1. What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Now so first of all What is Affiliate Marketing ? We're gonna talk about exactly what it is some strategies and some of my best pointers for how to get a higher conversion rates and how to just essentially make more money with this process.

I will show you exactly what I love about affiliate marketing ? and the reason why I think it is the best opportunity to get started with as a business ? Because it's totally free to start. You don't have money to buy products and then sell products.

I see a lot of people who want to start a business or they want to started generating money and they think that they need to have money to make money.

Now the truth be told it is easier to make money when you already have money but with the affiliate marketing you really don't have to anything.

Now as you can see it's probably best to start with $100 or $200. Just to get the ball rolling a little bit faster but if you want to literally start with $0. There really is no threshold for that.

So that's one of the best things about it there's really no barrier to entry when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer.

So it's incredibly lean as a start-up and so with this almost nothing to lose. There's almost no risk associated with this now maybe there's some small levels of risk like time for example.

Putting in your time but I can promise you this that if you follow some of these steps in this article you're going to find is that it's almost impossible to fail and to not make money with some of these things that we can be doing.

2. How does Affiliate Marketing work ? 

So the first thing that I want to do is we need to clear up the air a little bit about affiliate marketing and kind of look at how it's gone in the past 5, 10, 15 years.

It's actually been around for quite some time. I'll give you an example here so the way that affiliate marketing will work is essentially what you will do? You as the affiliate marketer can choose to promote products for businesses.

Every time that somebody buys a product or you get a lead or a sale for somebody who bought that product you will get a commission.

 3. Find Specific Niche 

Specific niches where we talk about some of the best niches as well in this post. But this is just a golden opportunity and I'm genuinely excited that you landed on this post.

Okay now one other benefit to affiliate marketing before we actually get into really in the depth of it talking about the different niches to get into the most profitable ones.

Some different affiliate programs that you can join. The other great thing about it is that you don't have to deal with customer service.

You don't to deal with people who bought your product. Who don't like it and they want returns when you're an affiliate marketer.

You're a third-party marketer where if I'm selling. if I'm going to market Nike shoes for example. I can market the shoes for make the sale and get the Commission.

I get the money in my pocket and then two months later if the person doesn't like the nike shoes and they want to return them in the Nike that's Nikes problem that's not my problem as an affiliate marketer.

So that's just one other benefit to this. Okay so let's talk about first of all the best niche to be in or the best category to be in as an affiliate marketer.

This is probably the first thing that you're going to want to think of when you go through this journey is what area am I going to choose.

Because the truth is you can actually market products in almost any industry. So regardless of what it is that you're thinking what type of industry you're thinking of or selling products.

4. Create Affiliate Website

Start a Affiliate website blog. So if you want to get started with the affiliate marketing find a niche that you're passionate about. You can promote a number of different product services on your website.

There's a lot of things that you can promote in any different industry. Okay so that's kind of the topic on niches let's move on. Here to talk about whether or not you actually need a website.

I get a lot of questions from people saying I want to do affiliate marketing. where do I get traffic from ? and do I need to have a website ? Many people of them said I don't want to make a youtube channel. Where do I get this traffic from ?

5. Finding Traffic Sources 

There are two primary sources for traffic. There's free traffic and there's paid traffic. Now for the purpose of this post we're focusing on free traffic.

Because there is very low risk and there's a very little that can go wrong with free traffic v/s paid traffic. For example: If you're running ads on Google or Bing or Facebook or Instagram.

6. Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Best Affiliate Programs for beginners in 2020. Now I'm going to be ranking the best affiliate programs for beginners. if you're a beginner who doesn't know how to get started?

Where to get started? and what niche to choose? I promise that this post will help give you some ideas by the end of this article.

So the first thing I want to say about this topic is that there is no one-size-fits-all advice for everybody. Because everybody has a different niche and they have different passions

1. Microsoft Affiliate Program Network

This is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. They work with companies like Microsoft Levi's house. So this is one of the largest affiliate networks.

Now I can't show you anything because the truth is it's not like share of sale or commission. Now  you can just go on Microsoft Affiliate Website and you can sign up.

See all the companies you actually have to join each individual program and then it will get added to your impact account. so that's why I can't show you guys but I do need to let you guys know this one of the largest filling our works out there.

2. ClickBank Affiliate Program

Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet and home to some pretty high commission products. let's take a look at one such Network

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks for digital products like software or ebooks. The good thing about software and ebooks is that they tend to have a lot higher Commission's than physical products.

You can probably figure out the reason for that yourself software and ebooks have no manufacturing cost per item. So merchants don't have to worry about affiliate Commission's cutting into their margins.

Commission's of between 50 and 75 percent are reasonably common for digital products. When you click on marketplace you'll be taken to clickbank's directory of affiliate products.

Here you can browse through affiliate programs by subject. Clickbank provides some statistics on affiliate programs and their listings the initial dollar per sale.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank | 2020

Hii, Today I'm going to show you how to make money on instagram with zero investment.

So as you know Instagram is huge social media platform. There's a lot of people making money with Instagram and if you know exactly what to do? You can also make easily an extra fifty hundred dollars per day by using Affiliate Marketing.

How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank

What Is Affiliate Marketing & How To Affiliate Marketing On Instagram?

If you don't know what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote other people's products and they pay you a commission. 

You can do build a specific niche on Instagram pages that allow you to monetize your audience and your followers. You should know how to actually make money with affiliate marketing in many different ways. This is what I personally use to make it full time income online with affiliate marketing.

You can utilize the same exact techniques and strategies that I'm using to actually implement an affiliate marketing business and make a full time income online as well. How you actually make money promoting affiliate offers inside of Instagram? I'm going to telling you a quick example of how you can do that? 

So I'm using a Dogs of Instagram which is a very large Instagram page in the topics. This is a perfect example of how you can use this and how you can utilize this method to grow a very large Instagram page. And be able to make money by promoting from time to time different affiliate offers.

So the main thing about this method is that you need to select a niche which allows you to grow quite fast. I'm going to talk about how you can grow an Instagram page from scratch utilizing this same example. Hopefully you can use this without having to invest any money whatsoever without having to pay for shoutouts or do any type of paid tool.

If you get a 1% or half a percent conversion rate on any affiliate offer that you can promote. You can easily make a few thousand dollars per month doing this. Now that doesn't mean that you need million followers to make money with this method.

  • If you can build a large Instagram page to you know 5,000 10,000 50,000 followers then you can easily make $100 per day by finding the right affiliate offers. 

Select A Specific Niche

So in the case of dogs of Instagram if we go to an affiliate marketplace with ClickBank. You can typically find a lot of digital products that you can promote in that specific niche.

I said the main thing that you need to keep in mind is in what niche you're gonna be launching your Instagram page. If you want to launch about dating, weight loss, cats and traveling whatever. You have to keep in mind that you will need to monetize that page later with affiliate offers in that specific niche.

So you can just launched any page and then just try to figure out exactly how you're gonna monetize the letter. You need to do it before you actually create the page. This is a perfect example if i just type dog on ClickBank you'll see that we get $30 per sell on dog training secret.

So if you get three or four sales per day you're making over a hundred dollars per day with this product alone. So if you had twenty thousand followers on instagram in the dog meat and you promoted this in your stories for example you could easily get a few thousand clicks to that offer.