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10 Ways To How To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

Hii, Today I'm going to show you 10 ways to how to earn money from facebook without investment. So you don't have to put money into any kind of business, you don't have to buy anything. 

This is all stuff you can do without any kind of budget and you can earn money from your Facebook page or other things related to your Facebook account.

10 Ways To How To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment
Make Money From Facebook

Now, Let's Start How To Earn Money From Facebook 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is basically when you go to a site like, you can find all these different products that people made and they're selling that they pay a commission to anyone who promotes it. So the Commission is when somebody buys it through you.

So let's say you get a 50% commission for the guitar lesson courses, so every time somebody buys that through your link your affiliate link you get that 50% Commission.
You don't have to deal with making the product yourself, you don't have to deal with hosting it, you'll have to deal with terms and conditions.

You don't have to deal with returns shipping, you don't have to deal with any of that stuff not even customer support. It's all dealt through quick banks platform or which other platform. 

You do all Amazon has a really good affiliate program as well called Amazon Associates that's free to use. There's plenty of other ones but all you do is, you sell affiliate products on your facebook page

So you have your Facebook page here and you could promote a picture of the product here with a link to it or you could create a button where they can actually go straight to it and download it or buy it or whatever or you could have a tab over here that we'd straight to it in a link.

There's a lot of different ways you could do it and like I said quick banks one of the best places to do it Amazon Associates.

So there's got to be something you would be interested in selling and you can earn up to about a 10% commission on people buying Amazon products and they don't even have to buy that product, that you sell in the link as long as they buy something within 24 hours on Amazon, you get a commission.

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2. Sponsored Posts

So sponsored posts are when you post on behalf of an advertiser or some kind of brand and usually you'll have a product placement in an image or video.

So basically if you have a big Facebook following on your Facebook page, you can partner with a company who wants to get their product or service in front of a lot of people related to your audience.

If your audience really matches up with certain brands, let's say you're a bodybuilding Facebook page and you talk about tips and tricks and all that for building muscle and losing fat and maybe a supplement company will want to partner with you and do a Facebook sponsored post doing that.

You can get paid a lot of money especially as you get more likes on your page & more engagement. So this will show you, how that all works very much in depth and also if you want to get started and find a way to figure out, how much your Facebook page sponsored post would be worth and where you can find companies to partner with.

You can go to, not only are they doing Twitter or as a lot of people think! Oh, they just do sponsored tweets for Twitter, they do Facebook, they do YouTube, they do WordPress, they do Instagram, they do Google+, they have all these different social media sites where you can partner and do sponsored ads on your page or profile. So sponsor tweets is a great place to go for Facebook.

3. Ebooks

Ebooks of course, you make a book that is digital, that people can read on their Kindle device, that people can read on their phone, that people can read on their laptop in a PDF form or buy on Amazon. Whatever it is you can create ebooks and sell them on your Facebook page.

So like you did with the affiliate link, you might have a tab over here. It says books or you might promote it here and have a buy direct link, where people can actually buy directly on Facebook now and you can create an offer and people can buy and download your book.

So you can do that or you can sell the book on Amazon and it will allow you to post a link to your book and people can buy it there. So there's a great resource here on, great social media site and they talk about how to sell ebooks on Facebook and make a lot of money doing it and there's a few tools that they recommend.

So I would recommend reading this. They have a great step-by-step post on how to actually sell your books with some case studies on people that have done it and some examples of what a post might look like that promote through e-books, If you have a great ebook sell that on your Facebook page.

4. Paid Promotions Through Fiverr

You can do paid promotions through Fiverr. So Fiverr is good because they have all kinds of different services. You just go to You can look up all kinds of different types of promotion and Facebook is a great one that's one there.

So you may have seen people that get their Facebook page started by buying Facebook Likes on Fiverr. 

So you probably don't want to do that, you probably don't want to deal with that, that's usually frowned upon but what you can do is, you can promote other people's Facebook pages or promote their brand through your Facebook page.

If your Facebook page is fairly popular, so people can pay $5, $20, $10 to get a post on your page through Fiverr and they have tons of traffic all the stuff, all the transactions, the reviews and the message between you and the client all of its done through fivers platform.

It's a great place to sell any kind of service, but social media marketing anything related to that like Facebook page promotion that is a great way to make use of fiverr.

5. Referrals To Apps

You can use referrals to apps. So there are many apps that are actually free to use that have a referral, that pays people. So for instance there's a post here on and it talks about ten referral programs for making money with apps

6. Courses

You can make your own courses of course and sell them. So if you like, if you're good at maybe selling ebooks and things like that and you want to take the next level, you want to sell something that might be worth more money.

Because a book people will only pay so much for a book, maybe $5 to $20 for a book, but if you want still higher in courses, where you actually go in-depth what people watch over your shoulder as you do things that they want to learn step-by-step using video tutorials.

You can use or to sign up and start creating courses to sell for people. You can go through and kind of see some of the popular ones and how they're formatted, but you can make a lot of money from courses.

Because you can pretty much charge what you want but these are on sites that are full of people already looking for courses. So instead of setting up your own website and having to sell courses there what you can do.

You can leverage the traffic that's already coming to these two sites and then you can wait to them and promote them in your Facebook page.

You can do it through video. A video would be a great way maybe a teaser video that's from one of the lessons in your course. You can have courses tab over here, you can do photos, you can do all kinds of different updates and events and offers that you can promote all through your Facebook page and you can make money from when they buy the courses that you sell on these sites.

7. Sell Your Social Media Page

You can build up a page. Some people actually do this. They do this with websites, they do this with Twitter accounts and they do this with a lot of different things, but you can build up your account and sell it to somebody, who doesn't want to start from the bottom and work.

Their way up to a popular account, maybe they have certain products they want to sell, the business they want to start. You can go to and click the tab here it says I would like to sell my and then you click Facebook Fanpage.

So if after you built up at least a 100k fans that's their minimum and they're pretty much engaged and it's within their rules, you can submit it and sell it to somebody who would want to buy it and you can make quite a bit of money. I mean thousands of dollars from one fan page.

If you do a good job, so you can really make a living just building up fan pages that get popular and then sell them to people that can use them and really need them. So that's another thing you can do is use viral accounts to sell Facebook fan pages.

8. Get Paid To Like Pages 

You can get paid to like pages so to do this. There's a site that's called get right now. They're referring people to SEO, but they what they would do is, they would allow you to make money by liking people stuff you get paid to do this.

Because people need likes on their pages and so they'll pay a certain amount per like. It won't be very much but that's the thing is you do a lot of these gigs and you can make more money.

So right now they're referring people the SEO gig station until they come back online and you can find gigs, where you can get paid to like people's content or do other types of social media gigs through this site that people need.

9. Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles this is kind of a new thing from Facebook. They're actually allowing you to set up these articles kind of like how Google has.

This new thing where you can do these really fast loading articles through them without actually having to go to the site to read it, but Facebook has created basically their own version of Adsense.

So they're getting into paying people for their content to compete with sites like Google in YouTube.

Because of course they're the biggest competitors of them and there's a video that shows you how to set up Facebook instant articles, but what it does is it leverages your Facebook page.

Every time you publish a new article on your blog, then you'll have this thing pop up in your feed and people will see it on their account like on the right side, you'll see the latest articles or something for people that like your page and then they can go and read the article and it loads very quickly.

It has a nice style to it as your logo on it but they don't leave Facebook, that's the whole point of them doing this they're trying to keep people on Facebook as long as possible instead of leaving Facebook to go read your articles.

You can have them updated and read on Facebook and you actually make money of advertising through monetized instant articles.

So it's kind of like Facebook's new competitor for Google Adsense. So instead of only getting paid for doing YouTube videos and blogs with Google Adsense.

You can now get paid to publish articles through Facebook and make money of their ads and we know Facebook has over a billion users, so there's going to be plenty of ad revenue going around as this gets more popular.

There's a great video by Harsh Agrawal. He is the founder of and he has uploaded a tutorial video on how to set up Facebook instant articles for WordPress.

So you know WordPress accounts for about 26 percent or so of the entire the Internet most of blogs, most of new blogs are created through WordPress and if you have a wordpress blog?, this is probably the best way to do it just set it up through the method that Harsh Agarwal uses on this video.

You can watch that, he'll show you have set up instant articles monetize it use it with WordPress and there's actually a plug-in that he mentions in the article called instant articles for WP.

I think is what is called you can check out that plug-in it's free download for your WordPress site. He shows you how to set it up with Facebook and monetize it and get your articles published.

So that's a great way to make money from facebook instant articles and just watch that video. I really recommend it that's kind of how I learned, how to set it up, but if you publish a lot of content on a blog of some sort that would be the way to go to get paid is through instant articles.

10. Sell Your Crafted Products

Etsy is one of the top places to sell at crafted products. So this is stuff that's handmade, this is like art and you know sculptures t-shirtscostumes all kinds of stuff. So you can get that stuff made, you can sell this stuff on Etsy.

If you're selling physical products. Of course, you can do other stuff, it doesn't have to be art type stuff, you can sell eBay products, you can sell your own handcrafted benches, I don't know what it is you make.

But if you're selling any type of product, that you personally make or that you have a business making, you can promote that on Facebook and get paid through that. Etsy it just as an example. 

You can find an app. It's the Etsy items Facebook app and you can use app and it allow you to set up an app in your Facebook page that allows you to go straight to buy stuff through the Etsy through.

The app that allows you to have your Etsy items for sale on Facebook as well as in your Etsy store.

You can actually buy things directly through Facebook without having to refer people through a link to your Etsy store. So Facebook likes that they want to keep people on Facebook and it allows you to make it easier for people to buy stuff.

Therefore getting you more sales for your Etsy store. So that's just an example of how you can sell physical items through your Facebook page.

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