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What Is Google AdMob ? | How To Earn Money from Google AdMob in 2020

Today I will gonna talk you about Google AdMob & What is Google AdMob ? & I am also gonna tell you How To Earn Money With AdMob ?

Then this Post is all those people. If you are interest on the Google Admob Topic then you must read it to the end.

What Is Google AdMob ? | How To Earn Money from Google AdMob in 2020
Make Money from Google AdMob

Nowadays, we all see a variety of advertisement on social media platforms and TV etc. In which we are asked to install a variety of mobile apps. But have you ever thought what benefits the android apps developer company from downloading the apps ? 

If you are a website developer or blogger you know very well that the main reason of making money from blogging on Google AdSense. That similarly is today Google Admob is a main advertising platform to earn money from mobile applications

1. What Is Google AdMob ?

AdMob is Google's advertising platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications like Google Adsense where promoting & monetising ads on website

AdMob is powered by ads directly from Google ads and other third-party ad buyers on Google's ad exchange. This ensures you're always showing high quality ads in your apps. 

2. How Google AdMob Works ?

It allows application developers to promote their applications through in-app adsmonetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising, and provides intelligent insights through Google Analytics.

AdMob is available for Android and iOS platforms, with support for Unity and Cocos gaming engines. Your AdMob account connects with your AdWords account to distribute your ads for your AndroidiOS, or gaming applications.

By connecting AdMob to AdWords, you can create mobile app install campaigns. These campaigns are specific to getting more people to download your app, with AdWords applying custom targeting, keywords, and ads based on your app ID and miscellaneous information. 

One unique feature of this mobile advertising platform is AdMob Mediation, which allows you to create house ad campaigns (campaigns that serve ads to your app using your own inventory, free of charge).

You can easily evaluate your campaign performance by tracking installs as conversions. AdMob fully integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to access all the metrics and dimensions that matter to your application – user acquisition, engagementrevenuescreen views, sessions, app version, screen size and more. You can also segment your audiences to gain perspective on how people use your application.  [ Source ]

3. Types Of AdMob Ads

Google AdMob support many different ad formats including Banner AdsInterstitial AdsRewarded video Ads and Native Ads. They serve all types of ad content including playable ads and video ads. Banners are fixed size eggs while interstitials are full-page ads that appear at natural transition parties. 

If this is your first time using AdMob we recommend starting out with the banner and interstitial ad formats. Native format delivers ads that match the visual style of your content while still being distinguishable as ads. This provides a mere seamless integrated experience in your app. 

Rewarded ad format is popular among gaming apps. It allows you to reward your users with in-app items when they watch the app. The rewarded ad format can even help keep you users engaged for longer periods of time to use any of these formats. First start by setting up your app in AdMob.

Then create your ad unit and specify the ad format implement. The SDK add the provided code snippet to your app and ensure that you follow AdMob policies. You're now ready to start serving ads and earning revenue.

4. How To Earn Money From AdMob ?

Now many new users will be questioning how to earn money from AdMob. Here I tell you for your information that you can earn money from AdMob through your app.

Once you make your app public in any app store, you can monetize from that app through the AdMob Ad network. Ads start to look like other apps in your mobile app.

So this way you can understand that you should have a mobile app to use AdMob. When someone uses your mobile app to click on ads shown by AdMob, it earns you. And the more users click on your ad, the higher your earnings. It's clear that the more people download that application, the more you'll be rewarded.

This brings out the fact that your app will have to reach out to as many people as you can to earn more money from AdMob. Now you can promote your app for free via social media to reach thousands of users. Or you can also advertise your app in Google Adsense. Like today you can see the banner and Ads of the app on various apps, like, etc.

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