3 Mar 2020

What Is AdMob by Google? How To Earn Money from Google AdMob? 2020

Today is the Internet round and almost everyone is spending a lot of time on the Internet. People find many other things other than audio, video, and news on the Internet, and they want to know more about how to earn money from the most famous Internet today. If you also want to earn more money than the Internet like others, I will introduce you today through a medium that you can easily work with them.

Today I want to tell you, What is AdMob?
And I'm also going to tell you How To earn money with AdMob ? If you don't know about AdMob yet and you don't know how to create an account in AdMob and how to earn money form AdMob aaps, this article is for all those readers. If you want to get the full details on the AdMob topic, you need to read it to the end.

How to earn money from Google AdMob

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Nowadays, we see a variety of advertisements on social media, TV, etc. In which we are asked to install a variety of mobile apps. But have you ever wondered what benefits the Aaps developer company from downloading these apps? If you're a blogger, you know very well that the main means of making money from blogging is Google Adsense. Similarly today AdMob is a main platform to earn money from the mobile app.

1. What is AdMob?

AdMob is also a Google product like Google Adsense. This is a mobile advertising platform. If you look at the word AdMob, it means ads on mobile Ads. AdMob shows ads in mobile. So if we understand AdMob in simple terms, this is an advertising network that app developers use to make money from the internet online by running ads in their mobile app.

This AdMob mobile app is an advertising platform of Google that promotes and monetizes. This app allows developers to promote the application through in-Aap ads. In-enabled advertising also allows you to monetise from the application. In addition, you can see all these insights through Google Analytics

AdMob is currently available for Android and iOS flash platform. It also has unity and Cocos gaming support. Thus connects to your Adsense Account to distribute AdMob apps for Android, iOS and other applications.

If you're an Adsense publisher, tell you for your information that AdMob works just as Google Adsense works, i.e., just as you monetise Google Adsense, you can start earning using AdMob.

As you know, you get link ads in Google Adsense and after clicking you visit another site, but it's not in AdMob. Here you see ads, but these are ads types, banners, interstitials and rewards.

2. How To Create Google AdMob Account

Check out the simple steps below to create your free account on AdMob, and then start doing an AdMob account on your device. First open AdMob's official sites in your device and sign up.

Or you can click on this link Google AdMob
Now you open the site. Click Sign Up after sign up.

Sign up AdMob

Now you need to verify your email address here, enter your email id password. Then click next.

AdMob Login

A new page will open on the next page. Here you will see the option of the AdMob Account at the end of that page. So you click on the terms and conditions above and click Create Account.

Sign up for AdMob

Now a new page will be open to you. Yes, where do you want to get servicing related to monetization of AdMob and click no on others.

Google AdMob login

Your AdMob account has been done. As you can see in the screenshot above.

If you encounter a problem while you're having an AdMob account, you can let us know through comments we'll try to explain to you again.

3. How To Use AdMob

So after having an account on AdMob, let us know how you can earn money from AdMob.

To use AdMob and make money from it, you must first have a mobile app that you can learn to develop the app from the developer or by yourself.

If you have a mobile app ready on any topic, you can now publish it to the Play store or app store.

4. How Google AdMob Works ?

AdMob is a Mobile Advertising Platform, so a large portion of it comes just when you install the Ad application. Assume you developed the app and you want to reach it to people through Advertising, you paid Google to get your application promoted, presently Google will show your ad on another Developer's application.

Google will consequently keep a portion of the money you provided for Google, and give a portion of the same apps to the designer that you've appeared on the application. It's a way Circle runs, everybody resorts to advertising to increase their business. That acquires both Google and application Developer.

5. How to Earn Money from AdMob

Now many new users will be questioning how to earn money from AdMob. Here I tell you for your information that you can earn money from AdMob through your app.

Once you make your app public in any app store, you can monetize from that app through the AdMob Ad network. Ads start to look like other apps in your mobile app.

So this way you can understand that you should have a mobile app to use AdMob. When someone uses your mobile app to click on ads shown by AdMob, it earns you. And the more users click on your ad, the higher your earnings. It's clear that the more people download that application, the more you'll be rewarded.

This brings out the fact that your app will have to reach out to as many people as you can to earn more money from AdMob. Now you can promote your app for free via social media to reach thousands of users. Or you can also advertise your app in Google Adsense. Like today you can see the banner and Ads of the app on various apps, like, etc.

6. History of AdMob

As you know, AdMob is a Google product. But if you think AdMob would have started by Google, it's not really like that. Because AdMob was launched in the month of April by Omar Hamoui (the foundation of AdMob) in the year 2006.

But a few years later Google decided to buy AdMob from Omar Hamoui based on AdMob's potential and future usefulness, and in 2009 AdMob was bought by Google for $750 million, thus AdMob is Google's famous product today.

So now you may have known what the Admob is, how to create an account in The Admob and who can use it and how can he earn money? We hope that this information will prove beneficial to you.